“We are Hamburg!”

We meet your logistics requirements with Hanseatic reliability. More than 40 years of experience and the constant further training of our employees give us the competence to handle your order with professional sovereignty.


Our guidelines are interwoven by the ideals and traditions of the old Hanse. We live logistics, reliability and entrepreneurial sense of responsibility.

The location Hamburg provides us with the optimal logistics preconditions of a seaport. Hamburg represents values and a certain attitude to life. Hansspeed lives to this values in daily business. Hamburg also stands for values ​​and a way of life. Hansaspeed implements these values ​​in day-to-day business.

The basis of our economic success is to get involved with each client time and again, finding individual solutions to each need. This is the basis of our economic success. We are fully aware of the importance of service, as this is our most distinguished duty, as well as the responsbility towards your goods.

Hansaspeedcommits itself to a fair handlingwith business partners. In our view, this is vital for long-term and trustful business operations. Unserer Ansicht nach ist dies notwendig für eine langfristige, vertrauensvolle Geschäftsentwicklung.

Key to entrepreneurial success are qualified employees. We support their extended vocational training. We would like to fulfil our responsibility through sustainable growth, and secure and create new employment. We support the professional development of our employees. We want to live up to our responsibility through sustainable growth.

With us, a handshake counts!


Hansaspeed draws on over 40 years of experience. Thanks to this experience, we know the logistics business and can accurately assess the global market.

We are sensitised for the cross-cultural dialogue with Asian producers, suppliers and other business partners. With our understanding of cultural differences, you are able to easily take hurdles in global trade.

Our practical competence goes into every order that you place. We ensure that your transport runs smoothly with foresight.

Based on our experience we create opportunities for the development of your company. Since 1976, satisfied customers are convinced from our service quality with every new order. We proudly look at these persistent business relations. We look back on these ongoing business relationships with pride.

Hansaspeed – empirically clever and good.


Hansaspeed is your partner when it comes to neutral transactionof freights. We vouch for your interests. We stand up for your interests.

Our practicalcompetencegoes into every order that you place. Take advantage of our experience and our proximity to the Port of Hamburg. You can rely on us for this.

A qualified team and a modern technology guarantee a professional cooperation. Hansaspeed places value on tact and accuracy when it comes to communication.

We appreciate the values, responsibility and trust of our customers. Therefore, every transport is treated with an equal amount of commitment and passion for detail. We will execute your order equally.

Hansaspeed – Your requirements, our Know-How!